Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elements of fashion illustration and costumes in the 20th century

Elements of fashion illustration

  • Fashion illustration is the communication of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting.
  • Fashion illustration has been around for nearly 500 years.
  • Ever since clothing has been in existence there was a need to translate ideas into a garment there has been a need for fashion illustration.
  • Fashion illustration shows the presence of the fabric texture through the art and gives a visual luxury.
  • It found a decline in late 1930s when vogue began to replace its illustrated cover page with photographic images.
  • Now it has gone from being one of the sole means of fashion communication and having a very minor role.
  • Some of the famous past illustrators are Andy Warhol (coco cola bottle, tomato sauce, bottle, and Marilyn Monroe), Kenneth Paul Block, Antonio Lopez, etc…
  • Initially the tailors or the dress makers used artist’s help to transfer their ideas on the paper.
  • Those illustrations had natural figures which gradually changed towards exaggerated fashion illustrations.

Art and costumes in the 20th century

  • The invention of photography made artists themselves to move away from representing reality and moved gradually from the impressionist representation of the world towards greater abstraction.
  • In the earlier centuries the work of artist showed how clothing appeared and at the same time the lines, proportion, and decoration of clothing embodied the artistic spirit.
  • In 20th century much of the art does not show us how clothing appeared but we can still see many connections between the visual art and dress in areas such as line and proportion in the design of textiles.
  • The issue of considering clothing as an art arose only after the establishment of haute couture
  • If we accept the idea of the designer as an artist work it is not surprising to find that like other artist of any period .
  • The designer produce at least two new lines of clothing each year.

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