Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Basic sketching and rendering

Basic rendering techniques
1. Stippling
2. Scribbling
3. Criss-cross
4. Cross hatching
5. Free hand vertical lines
6. Free hand horizontal lines
7. Free hand diagonal lines
8. Free hand circles
9. Curved lines

Sketches using basic rendering

Rendering with other medium like

1. Charcoal pencil
2. Colour pencil
3. Oil pastel
4. Dry pastel

Warm colour and cool colour scheme

One point perspective  

Two point perspective

Colour wheel

Colour scheme

Monochromatic colours

Complimentary Colours

Analogous Colours

Any shape including one or all elements of design with minimal shape is called a motif.
Combination of many motifs is called a pattern.
Types of motif
Natural, Geometrical, Stylized, Abstract, Ornamental, Simplified, Materialized.
Natural: representing nature.

Geometric: every lines and details are measured.

Stylized: deforming the existing shape.

Abstract: it does not have any defined shape.

Ornamental: they are more detailed.

Simplified: minimal lines and design features

Materialized: every line should have a connection with each other forming a material.

Design types
Traditional, historical, oriental, contemporary, regional.
Traditional: design follow from generation to generation.
Historical: primitive textile design.
Oriental: design from the eastern part of the world (China, Japan)
Contemporary: designers perspective in modification of historical and traditional designs according to latest trends.
Regional: design ideas of a particular region.

Elements of design 

  • Line
  • Colour
  • Texture (Visual)

  • Texture (Tactile)

  • Shape

  • Form
Principles of design
  • Balance

  • Harmony
  • Emphasis
  • Proportion
  • Rhythm


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